<HTML> <HEAD> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=windows-1252"> <META NAME="Generator" CONTENT="Microsoft Word 97"> <TITLE>Secret Cinema homepage</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY TEXT="#ffffff" LINK="#0000ff" VLINK="#800080" BGCOLOR="#000000"> <P>Last Updated: 7/23/18<BR> <P><BR> </P> <IMG SRC="weblogo.jpg"></P> <H3>ALL SECRET CINEMA PRESENTATIONS ARE SHOWN IN 16MM (or larger!) FILM ON A GIANT SCREEN (NOT VIDEO...<I>NOT EVER!</I>)</H3> <P> <HR WIDTH=100%> <P> <P> <CENTER><TR><TD><IMG SRC="thanksstill.jpg"></TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER> <P> <H2 ALIGN="CENTER"><B>1935 musical political satire <I>Thanks a Million</I></B></H2> <H2 ALIGN="CENTER"><B>at historic Glen Foerd mansion</B></H2> <P><B>Wednesday, July 25, 2018 <BR>8:00 pm (doors open 7:00 pm) <BR>Admission: $10.00</B> <P><B><A HREF="http://www.glenfoerd.org">Glen Foerd on the Delaware</A></B> <BR><B>Grant Avenue & Milnor Street, Philadelphia <BR>215-632-5330</B> <P> <CENTER><TR><TD><IMG SRC="glenfoerdstairs.jpg"></TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER> <P> <P>On <B>Wednesday, July 25</B>, the Secret Cinema will present films at perhaps the most impressive venue in our long history -- historic <B>Glen Foerd on the Delaware</B>, a <B>historic mansion and estate </B>located in the Torresdale neighborhood of Northeast Philadelphia. Glen Foerd is Philadelphia's last remaining Delaware River estate open to the public. <P>The screening will center on the 1935 feature film <I><B>Thanks a Million</B>, </I>a <B>hybrid of political satire and musical comedy</B>, about a big band singer (Dick Powell) who is reluctantly recruited as an outsider candidate in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial election. The film is aided by a witty script from Nunnally Johnson, a top cast of '30s co-stars and character actors (Ann Dvorak, Fred Allen, Raymond Walburn, Patsy Kelly), and guest musical numbers from the Yacht Club Boys and "King of Jazz" Paul Whiteman. <P>Also shown will be <B>surprise short subjects</B> from the same year as the feature. <P>There will be one complete show at <B>8:00 pm. Doors will open at 7:00 pm to allow touring of the mansion and grounds. Admission is $10.00 (advance tickets may be purchased through the Glen Foerd website)</B> <P>Glen Foerd on the Delaware is a <B>5-minute walk from the Torresdale station</B> of SEPTA's Trenton Regional Rail Line or the 19 & 84 bus routes. There is ample <B>free parking</B> within the estate. <P> <CENTER><TR><TD><IMG SRC="thankslobby.jpg"></TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER> <P> <P><B><I>Thanks a Million </I>(1935, Dir: Roy Del Ruth)</B> <BR>When a charismatic jazz singer (Dick Powell) makes a speech in place of the stodgy candidate for the Governorship of Pennsylvania, his manager (played by popular radio comedian Fred Allen) senses a need for more entertainment in politics, and convinces the party to make the singer their candidate. The fresh-faced outsider begins to sweep the polls -- though in reality he doesn't even want the job. Sound familiar? There are clear parallels to recent events with a certain television star turned politician (though to be fair, Powell's character is exceedingly honest and likeable). The entertaining-if-cynical script was written by Nunnally Johnson, who scripted countless classics for John Ford and others like <I>The Grapes of Wrath </I>and <I>How to Marry a Millionaire </I>(as well as the under-appreciated <I>Baby Face Harrington, </I>an all-time Secret Cinema favorite that we've never found a film print of!). The comedy is kept moving with wisecracks from Allen and Patsy Kelly, and there are several upbeat songs, written by Kahn & Johnston and Kalmar & Ruby. Philadelphia-born director Roy Del Ruth began his career in 1915 as a gag writer for Mack Sennett. His long directing career included the original, 1931 version of <I>The Maltese Falcon, </I>the Eddie Cantor comedy <I>Kid Millions </I>(also written by Johnson)...and 1959 sci-fi schlocker <I>The Alligator People.</I> <P> <CENTER><TR><TD><IMG SRC="glenfoerdext.jpg"></TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER> <P> <P><B>About Glen Foerd on the Delaware: </B>The Glen Foerd mansion was built in 1850 by businessman Charles Macalester, Jr. The estate was later purchased by leather manufacturer Robert Foerderer, who enlarged and added extensive enhancements to the property, including a formal dining room, an impressive art gallery, a pipe organ, parquet floors, a grand staircase and elaborate leaded glass skylights. The Foerderers' daughter Florence lived in the estate until her death in 1971. In 1985 the property was taken over by the Glen Foerd Conservation Corporation and the Fairmount Park Commission, and is today operated as a historic house museum and public park. <P>This screening will take place in the run-up to Glen Foerd's <I>Deco on the Delaware </I>event (formerly <I>Jazz Age on the Delaware</I>) on August 4, a fte and fundraiser celebrating the music and culture of the Jazz Age. More information can be found at <A HREF="http://decoonthedelaware.com">here</A>. <P> <HR WIDTH=100%> <P> <H3>FUTURE SECRET CINEMA EVENTS (more info soon):</H3> <LI>Friday, August 31, 2018 @ The Living Room at 35 East: <I>And the Envelope, Please: Oscar-Winning Short Films 1932-1968</I> <LI>Friday, September 7, 2018 @ Eastern State Penitentiary: <I>Brute Force</I> <LI>Thursday, September 13, 2018 @ The Rotunda: TBA <LI>Thursday, September 20, 2018 @ Bryn Mawr Film Institute: an all-new Trailer Trash program! <P> <HR WIDTH=100%> <P> <P><H3>If you'd like to subscribe to announcements of upcoming Secret Cinema events, then e-mail us by clicking <A HREF="mailto:jschwart@voicenet.com">HERE</A>. Please specify in your message where you are located.</H3> <H3>Click <A HREF="SecCinBi.html">HERE</A> to learn the history of Secret Cinema.</H3> <H3>Click <A HREF="recent.htm">HERE</A> to read about recent Secret Cinema events.</H3> <P> <H2><B>RELATED LINKS:</B></H2> <P> <P> <A HREF="ch29.htm"><B>Channel 29 news piece on Secret Cinema from 1999!</B></A> <P> <A HREF="joey.htm"><B>Joey Ramone, R.I.P.</B></A> <P> <P> <A HREF="99report.htm">Secret Cinema 1999 Annual Report</A></I></B> <P> <P> <A HREF="98report.htm" >Secret Cinema 1998 Annual Report</A></I></B> <P> <P> <A HREF="97report.htm" >Secret Cinema 1997 Annual Report</A></I></B> <P> <A HREF="trip.htm" <P>Information about the 1998 Secret Cinema "Class Trip" to the Syracuse Cinefest</A></I></B> <P> <HR WIDTH=100%> <ADDRESS> Last Updated: 7/23/18<BR> WebMasters: Rodney Linderman & Jay Schwartz<BR> &#169; copyright 2018 </ADDRESS> </BODY> </HTML>